Lavender U-pick is one of our most popular farm activities and is available from the first full week of June until we close on July 15. U-pick is a very simple activity and these guidelines will help you enjoy your experience. 

U-pick Basics

1. Visitors may pick their own lavender in rows marked "U-Pick Row". Varieties not marked in this way are not yet mature and will wilt quickly once cut -- please respect this signage. By late June or early July we open up all rows for u-pick.

2. Cut long flower stems and include a few leaves. Cutting lavender stems too close the the blooms will result in a very short bundle of flowers.

3. Please don't cut into the brown part of the plant! This causes permanent damage to the plants and an alarm will sound.

4. Pay inside the farm boutique when you have finished. On busy days we offer  credit/debit card payment outdoors. See pricing below.


U-Pick Gear

The following gear is provided to make your experience easy and streamlined -- please take them into the fields with you: basket, scissors, zip ties. You are welcome to bring your own basket and garden shears.

U-Pick Bundle Size

How big is a bundle? Bundles are measured with the zip ties provided. Close the zip tie around your flower stems to form a bundle. Our zip ties are 8" long and create a bundle of stems that is 2" in diameter. A full zip tie or a partially full zip tie are the same price.

U-Pick Pricing

1 or 2 lavender bundles: $9.00 each, plus tax

3 or more bundles: $7.75 each, plus tax