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Open ​Fridays & Sundays 
May 5 to 28, 2023
11 am to 4 pm

Open Mother's Day
Closed Saturdays

Spring is here and it brings the itch to plant. The farm offers up to 20 varieties of lavender plants in various sizes -- by far your largest local selection. Come and browse or tap into our expertise with your questions about varieties, spacing, watering, etc. Checking our our Growing Lavender page before your visit can be helpful.

Additionally, the farm boutique is well-stocked with our summer lavender merchandise.

Please note, the lavender fields are not open at this time.


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Open June 4 to July 16, 2023

Open Sunday - Friday

10 am - 5 pm

Closed Saturdays

Come celebrate lavender when the farm's 25 varieties are colorful and showy and our gates are open to the public! When you visit you can enjoy LAVENDER U-PICK (starting approximately June 8), observe our DISTILLATION process, shop the FARM BOUTIQUE brimming with lavender merchandise, purchase lavender STARTER PLANTS, bring a PICNIC, and take a yoga, mindfulness, or DIY lavender CLASS (information on scheduling classes here).

Join a MEET THE FARMER session to learn more

about lavender.


Entry to the farm is free of charge. The farm is sustained by sales in the farm boutique.


Straw bag, fresh lavender flowers and retro sunglasses, hanging on a concrete wall..jpg


Farm Boutique Open

Mid-July to late August
Open days to be announced
Closed Saturdays

Haven't yet finished with lavender for the summer? Visit the farm boutique 2 days a week to check out our lavender offerings. Please note the fields are closed are we are not offering activities during this period. 


September to April

Visits to the farm boutique
by appointment

During our off-season, and outside of scheduled farm boutique events, text ahead to set up a time to shop the boutique. Don't be shy--were happy to offer this service.

We'll do our best to accommodate you
according to our availability. Please note no other farm activities are available during the off-season.




Farm Boutique Open Select Dates,
to be announced

This our time to begin to slow down, but the farm boutique still offers a wide selection of merchandise perfect for you or for giving: hundreds of sachets, lavender baking mixes, home linens, dried bouquets & wreaths, bath & body products, candles, essential oil of lavender...

Please note that the lavender fields
are not open at this time.



Open select days in December,

to be announced

Ramping up to help celebrate Christmas, the farm boutique offers a wide selection of merchandise perfect for crossing things off your shopping list: hundreds of sachets, lavender baking mixes, home linens, dried bouquets, wreaths, bath & body products, beeswax candles, essential oil of lavender...


Can't make it on the select dates? Text to set up an appointment. Also, see select items in our online shop. 

Please note that the lavender fields are

not open at this time.



For Valentine's Day we have you covered with gift ideas in our online shopping.


Who do you LOVE and want to SPOIL? Whether lover, mother, daughter, sister, twin, chum or BFF, check out the farm boutique brimming with gift ideas for chillaxing, nibbling and smelling good.

Click on Shop Now to find the perfect gifts!

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